Designer Slot Mesh

Predator Proof

Advanced Engineering Group not only stocks a wide range of Predator Proof Mesh but can custom make to suit your requirements for all screening and architectural designs.

AEG use materials such as zinc aluminium, heavy galvanised, bright hard drawn, black high tensile and stainless steel.

Product Info (PDF)

Slot Mesh Range

Product Code Opening (mm) Diam (mm) Crimp Type Open Area %  
Predator 413 4.9 x 13 2 Single Wire Slot 62
Predator 426 4.9 x 26 2 Double Wire Slot 63
Predator 643 6 x 43 2.5 Double Wire Slot 64
Predator 850 8 x 50 2.5 Triple Wire Slot 68
Predator 1050 10 x 50 2.5 Triple Wire Slot 72
Predator 1462 14 x 62 2.5 Triple Wire Slot 78
Slot 829 8 x 29 2.5 Single Wire Slot 70
Slot 1025 10 x 25 3.15 Single Wire Slot 68
Slot 1030 10 x 30 3.15 Single Wire Slot 69
Slot 1050 10 x 50 2.5 Triple Wire Slot 72
Slot 1150 11 x 50 2.5 Triple Wire Slot 74

Material Available: 

  • Zinc Aluminium Wire
  • Heavy Galvanised Wire
  • Bright Hard Drawn Wire
  • Black High Tensile Wire
  • T316,T304 Stainless Wire 

*Other specifications available upon request

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Fast Callback

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Quality Guarantee

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Years of Experience

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