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Anti-Blinding Rods are elastic polyurethane rods that are fixed to the screen and have been developed to further improve the self-cleaning properties of anti-clogging screens. Anti-Blinding Rods use the machine’s vibration to move and bounce on the surface of the mesh that helps to shake off stubborn sticky material from the panels; therefore avoiding particles wedging and blinding the screen. They can be connected in multiple parts to completely cover the screen area. They trail over the top of your mesh and bounce up and down with the vibration of the screen, as a result knocking off the material that is causing the issues.

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  1. Self-cleaning properties
  2. Larger screening area
  3. Longer service life
  4. Easy to install
  5. High efficiency
  6. Highly resistant to abrasion, wear, and tear
  7. Resistant to corrosion
  8. Shorter cleaning down-times
  9. Wide range of applications
  10. Various customized size options



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