Stainless Steel Security Mesh

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Advanced Engineering Group Stock a wide range of Stainless Steel Security Mesh. Our Security mesh is available in in either mill finish or powder coated black. 

Stainless Steel Security Mesh keeps insects, intruders and embers out whilst letting the breeze in and allowing visibility.

Our range, flexi, tough, extreme & ultra extreme is designed to suit any window & door application. Whether it be to keep pesky insects out or provide the protection of security mesh keeping families safe with the added benefit of ember protection in rural areas.

Insect Flex Mesh - Insect fly screen mesh 

Insect Tuff Mesh - Pet Mesh 

Supreme Security Mesh - Intruder Stop 

We offer stainless steel security mesh from our locations in Brisbane and Christchurch and we can organise delivery to any location across Australia and New Zealand.


Care & Maintenance (PDF)


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Quality Guarantee

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Years of Experience

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